Welcome to my new Blog!

Well, I’ve finally done it and taken another huge jump in to the unknown!  After getting to grips with Facebook and learning the basic language of Twitter, I’ve decided to really go for it and dedicate my Saturday night to setting up a blog! Fortified with a coupla glasses of vino, I’m feeling that the time is right and I can do anything that I set my mind to, so here goes…..!

I’ve come so far since I first started experimenting with organic ingredients 5 years ago, after having to give up on every other brand out there which had failed to deal with my hyper-sensitive skin. I had no idea back then that this would be the start of such a huge learning curve that would take me beyond creating some basic products for myself – and then my friends – and then my family and then finally compel me to take the plunge and give up my career in the City, to set up Earthzest organics.

Since then, I’ve formulated a full range of handmade 100% organic skincare products with no water or synthetics whatsoever, which is something very unique as it’s certainly not easy (or cheap) to do, considering the 600+ pages of EU legislation that I’ve had to comply with.  I am determined to wake the world up to the beauty industry scam and the animal testing that’s still going on all around us! We are wasting our hard-earned money on toxic, watered-down, ineffective and over-priced products that are, with very few exceptions, still tested on animals (despite what they tell us to the contrary) and in the months to come, I will be covering this in much more detail, as well as exposing the toxic chemicals that are literally being dumped on to our skin, so that ruthless corporations can make big bucks (and I’m sorry to say that this also includes “organic” brands).



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